Blackjack as a career

Playing Blackjack as a Career

Playing blackjack as a career can be very lucrative, but there is a great deal of hard work and risk involved. You need to study the science behind the proper strategies, practice with card counting, and be able to execute your skills in a real live casino. It is possible to be a profitable, winning player, but it takes a large amount of dedication.blackjack_career

A blackjack player can make profits in the long run if he has an advantage. This advantage comes from card counting. Card counting is where you keep track of high cards and low cards as they are being played. You can determine the running count of the deck, which you use to calculate your advantage for the next hand. You can then adjust your bet accordingly if you have an advantage.

The first skill an aspiring blackjack player must master is his counting skills. He has to be able to count down an entire deck without mistakes. Then he needs to master card counting in a casino when there are many distractions and loud noises. He should start off with minimal bets until he is a skilled and experienced player.

The second most important skill is game selection. You should play at casinos that have favorable rules, where the player has many options such as doubling-down on any two cards. Try to find casinos that have good deck penetration, with at least two-thirds of the deck being dealt.

It can be quite time consuming to scout all the casinos until you find blackjack tables with favorable rules and penetration. Fortunately, there are professional blackjack journals such “Current Blackjack News” by Stanford Wong that gives you up-to-date playing conditions of blackjack tables around the world.

Bankroll management is important for a professional blackjack player. You should have enough funds to cover your risk of ruin in case you have a long streak of bad luck. You should have at least fifty times your maximum bet, which should reduce your risk of going broke to less than five percent.

When you become a winning professional player, you have to deal with casino heat. Heat is when the casino management is mad at you for using your skill to win money from them. They will often take countermeasures like banning you from playing at their premises, or they may even force you into the back room to interrogate you. You should develop skills to disguise your playing demeanor and try to pose like a gambling tourist.

Becoming a professional blackjack player give you a great deal of freedom and financial rewards. You can choose your own schedule and play any time day or night. If you work on your blackjack skills, you may someday become a great player.