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Internet Keno Game at Your Own Convenience

Are you bored at home? Or you’re at your workplace, the meal or snack break is taking too long, you’ve got nothing to do? Here’s the good thing. You can spend your leisure time playing internet keno game. I assure you, you’ll experience the thrill and enjoyment all at the same time.

For those new to this, the Internet keno game has been played by a lot of people seeking excitement during their spare time. Long ago, keno games were only played live, meaning in casinos. But with the recent technological advancement where a great number of people have laptops and computers, keno games have been introduced online and have received a lot of positive feedback from those who had experienced playing this. Even if you’re a newbie to this game, you need not worry because this game is very easy. Rules are so simple that even at first glance; you’ll already get the gist of the game.

Just to have some idea about the history of this game, here are a few statements pertaining to this. Keno, according to some, had its roots from China long time ago. They say it was used by the emperor as a means of raising money to support the war including supplies, like weapons, for his army. Then, keno reached the other side of the world through the Chinese immigrants who introduced the game. After that, variations came in and its popularity increased.

Now, why play Internet keno game instead of playing it live? Simple, you can focus on the game itself because you’re free from all the disturbances in a real casino. Casino environments are noisy, as expected, therefore you get distracted.

Internet Keno Game at Your Own Convenience

So, play keno games anytime, anywhere! Play at your own convenience. And don’t forget to enjoy!

Play Your Very Own Online Casino Keno

Are you thinking of playing keno in the casino today but cannot afford to leave the house even for a few hours? Here’s the good news. Now you can play your very own online casino keno at home. There are various online casino sites that offer free downloads and play of online keno game. All you need to do is browse their site, click on the link provided, and start downloading your favorite online keno game.

There are also pros and cons with online casino keno. An advantage of playing online casino keno is that you get the same excitement of playing the game without the hassle of going to the nearby casino. However, you’ll have one person playing against “the house”, that is, the computer. In this case, keno is similar to bingo.

Also, with online keno games, your winnings are calculated and given to you immediately following each draw of 20 balls from the drum. So there’s no stress trying to remember your way back to the booth, or missing a game because your game is right on your computer. You just click on the numbers you want to select, and then click the play button.

Another thing about the keno games that you can download is that you can easily pick the amount you want to wager, and whether you want to play the same numbers for multiple “cards” or just one. But, be careful with the speed of the game. With online keno, you’ll find that you will be playing many more games per hour when compared to casino games. This means that your bankroll can disappear much more quickly than you may expect. If you’re playing using real money, this is definitely something to watch out for. However, if you’re playing free keno games, you have no worries.

Play Your Very Own Online Casino Keno

Whichever way you want it, always remember that playing the game should be fun and entertaining, not stressful and worrisome.

Keno and the Great Wall of China

It’s not a secret that many of our everyday items are made in China. It is hard to walk into a store these days without finding clothing, furniture, electronics, and toys that aren’t made in that great country across the sea. Hopefully, this doesn’t bother you. If it does, you might be disappointed to learn about one more thing that comes from China. It’s a gambling game. That’s right! The popular gambling game called Keno stems from an ancient Chinese gambling game. This gambling game is supposedly linked to a famous landmark as well!

KenoIf you didn’t know, keno is played as a type of lottery. A cage contains 80 numbered balls. 20 of the balls are randomly selected. People try to guess what balls will appear in the selected 20. Payouts at casinos differ, but people can certainly win big! Keno can be played with real balls in a cage or with a computerized program. People grow to love the game of keno because it is a lot like a state lottery. However, Keno happens all day with a larger selection of numbers to select.

It is well known that keno comes from China. However, the exact origin of the game in China is still a bit of a mystery. This hasn’t stopped colorful legends from trying to explain how keno came to be. One of the most popular legends involves the Great Wall of China. It is said that the government sponsored keno games to help raise funds to build the historic landmark thousands of years ago. Think about this the next time you sit down to play a game of keno. As you place your bets on the 20 random balls, you may be not unlike ancient Chinese merchants doing their part to help secure their borders long ago!

Keno Resumes Business in Norfolk

Local Keno which had shut down at satellite locations across Norfolk due to dispute with parent company Big Red Keno will resume operations in the area as matters have been resolved amicably. In a public announcement the attorney for Big Red Keno at Omaha stated that the 10 Keno satellite locations are back in business since April 2015. These had shut down earlier as there were a few changes in charges for phones and internet system which had increased operational costs of the entire system. Even though the cost of operations has increased substantially, both Big Red Keno and satellite locations are sharing the cost to run the games.

Keno earnings of Norfolk

KenoThe taxes that Norfolk gets from keno is spent on education and recreation projects like parks and municipal schools. Since October 2014 the total proceeds received by Norfolk city from keno amounted to $227,692 while during February 2015 it came to $50,607. The amount earned in February was $11690 above the estimated budget. The Keno handles across Norfolk are strong and business is profitable across retail outlets like restaurants and stores. The satellite locations of Keno in Norfolk are Mel’s Liquor Drive-In, Office Bar, Michael’s Cantina, American Legion, Mint Bar, Eagles VFW and a couple of more outlets.

About Big Red Keno

The firm was set up by Greg Erwin in 1991 which started from a single location in Omaha and has now grown into four Big Red Restaurants followed by several sports bars spread across the state. Keno Ball draws that are carried out in these restaurants are played across 240 satellite locations and people purchasing tickets at these places can watch the game live. Big Red Keno is a generous contributor to state welfare and has given excess of $200 million in revenues to Nebraska and other local governments since 2013. It also contributes directly to organisations like Nebraska Council on Compulsive Gambling, VYWC and Henry Doorly Zoo to name a few.

New Keno to be Launched at AHGE

The annual event of Australasian Hospitality and Gaming Expo is likely to be exciting this year as attendees will be honored with a preview of revamped Keno, which is slated for launched towards end of 2015. The CEO of Tabcorp Adam Rytenskild stated that his publicity and development team has worked hard to revamp the Keno brand name. They are keen on viewing the public reaction to it at the curtain raiser event during AHGE, which will set a precedent for future when the formal launch is done. Though the product is almost ready, the company is curious to see public reaction and may improve it depending on people’s ability to accept the new look.

The AHGE event

AHG LogoThe event is co-braded with Keno making it a perfect opportunity for the firm to understand customer reaction to the brand. Keno Australasian Hospitality and Gaming Expo will be held on 24 and 25 March 2015 at Gold Coast Convention Center in Australia. The exhibition cum business convention brings together top professionals from gaming and hospital industry like chefs, gaming managers, supervisors, marketing bigwigs, F&B managers and also Human resource managers.

About Keno

Most small budget gamblers that do not spend more than $100-150 a month on their addiction regard Keno as the most profitable of all gambling practices. Since it was introduced Keno has managed to make payouts of $62 million every month to its players. Its winners are generally from the middle class that are also its most ardent supporters as it has converted the life of millions with its one million jackpots announced every week. To reward its customer base for their loyalty and retaining their faith in the brand, Keno wants to provide them an entirely new experience. The new look given to its online version will attract new customers and keep up its image.

Four Sound Strategies that Can Help You Become a Consistent Keno Winner

Keno is a Chinese game that has been around for many years. Thousands of people around the globe play online Keno daily. Anyone can learn how to play Keno within a matter of moments.

Becoming an excellent Keno player is not as difficult as you may believe. Keno winners are well-known for using sound strategies that help them win a consistent basis. Let’s take an exclusive look at several of them.

Select a Reputable Online Casino


There are thousands of virtual casinos in existence. Unfortunately, many of them take advantage of their customers. This is why you should take careful measures when it comes to choosing an online casino.

You can learn more about a prospective online casino by visiting online casino forums. Forum members are well-known for sharing their casino experiences with other members. Reading their posts can help you avoid virtual casinos with a poor reputation in the industry. You can find a reputable online casino by visiting this site.

Stay within Your Financial Limits

It is easy for anyone to get excited while playing Keno. Having fun and making money are the two main objectives while playing. It is also important for you to stay within your financial limits. You should never play beyond forty percent of your bankroll. Managing your bankroll properly will extend your play and help you avoid a major loss.

Pick Consecutive Numbers

Many seasoned Keno players love picking consecutive numbers. Keno history shows that picking consecutive numbers can increase your chances of winning. For example, you may want to consider picking numbers such as 26, 27, and 28.

Play New Numbers

Experienced players feel that Keno is a game based on numerical patterns. They will play numbers that haven’t appeared in previous games. Keno veterans feel that playing new numbers will enhance their chances of winning in the long run.

Keno is one of the most popular online casino games around today. This ancient Chinese game attracts players from all walks of life. Applying the four strategies within this article can improve your chances of becoming a consistent winner.

What is Keno?

Keno is a game that not many people know about, mostly due to its unusual name and confusing nature. However, the game of keno is very similar to the lottery, except it is instantaneous and a lot of fun. The game is usually played live in a lounge setting where players gather together to place their bets. There are around 80 balls that are placed in a big glass ball so that everyone can see how the drawing is done.

Keno Game

The balls have individual numbers, usually 1 to 80. The balls are pushed by someone so that they are fairly moved. This prevents any kind of cheating in keno. By pressing a lever to open a small tube, balls are taken out one at a time to ensure that they can be read out.

When the balls have been removed, their numbers are recorded by the people running the keno game. This will be processed through a computer database that has entered everyone’s individual tickets. The system will then produce the winning results and provide a winnings table for each of the players at the game.

Placing Bets –

Playing a bet in keno is very simple. All you have to do is take your keno ticket, mark each of the numbers you want to bet, and take the ticket to the counter. Along with choosing numbers, you must specify how much money you are betting on each number. Depending on the total balls being removed from the container, you will be able to bet on between 5 to 20 balls.

Pay Scale:

The fun thing about keno is that you stand a chance to win a reasonable amount of money even if you guess one correct ball. After that, the pay scale increases exponentially. For example, if you only picked five numbers and got all of them right, your pay off is likely to be in the thousands. This is for a $1 or $2 per number bet.

For more information on keno, click here.

Tabcrop Shells Out £58.4 Million to Acquire Keno Provider ACTTAB

Tabcorp, the leading wagering company from Australia, has paid a sum of £58.4 (AUS$105.5 million) to acquire ACTTAB. This deal between Tabcorp and Australian Capital Territory (ACT) government that owns ACTTAB is significant, but not all gaming industry people are happy with it.

The deal

TabcorpThe deal between Tabcorp and ACT government entails a license of 50 years to Tabcorp for all its gaming services. In lieu of this, Tabcorp is set to pay ACT a fee in the amount of AUS$ 1 million. The deal, however, has to get approval from consumer regulatory bodies, and Tabcorp is confident of getting a favourable review from the concerning authorities.

Tabcorp, through this deal, has projected an annual income in the amount of AUS$ 14 million. However, the formalities and the legalities of the deal will take some time to complete and it might take up to year for the complete assimilation of the acquisition.

The deal is made such that the existing customer base of ACTTAB doesn’t get affected adversely.

The fine print

Now, Tabcorp is a leading player in gaming and racing products. ACTTAB deals with its keno and other gaming products through retail outlets. In this regard, Tabcorp benefits from ACTTAB’s distribution system that seems solid. ACTTAB also sells its services through phone and internet, and now Tabcorp gets direct access to ACTTAB’s customer database. Tabcorp, however, insists that it would provide ACTTAB’s customers with the same quality of good service they are used to, and may even make it better.

The deal also secures gaming licensing for Tabcorp for five decades. This is huge in terms of business development. Though Tabcorp maintains that the deal will work out perfectly for not only their company, but also for the gaming industry, the outcome of this buy is yet to be seen.

How to Play Keno

Whether you are just exploring online casino games or interested in visiting a casino, it is important to understand the workings and rules of different games. Keno, for example, is one of the easiest and most sociable casino games that beginners can try. Here’s how you can play keno.

KenoIn live keno, each of the players takes a card and mark off numbers in random, ranging from 1 to 20. Each keno card has 80 numbers printed in eight rows of ten digits each. After the card has been filled up, the player hands it over to the keno writer and obtains a ticket after placing a bet on the numbers. The bets made are always in multiples of the house minimum, usually higher than or equal to $1. After 20 numbers are drawn, the winning tickets receive payoffs, the values of which vary with the house.

 Types of bets in keno

 Many keno bets can be formed to make different combinations. However, they can be essentially divided into the following categories.

 King ticket: A common number used in all combinations marked is called a king ticket. For example, if you considered the fifth number as the king, the player could mark two 4-number combinations where the king is present in all three-number groupings.

  • Straight ticket: Betting your numbers in a single wager is known as a straight ticket, and is the simplest way to play keno.

 Progressive keno jackpots

 Many keno games that include larger bets or wagered totals can contain a progressive jackpot, and in some cases, the value could be well over 100% of the maximum payback. For instance, in a Las Vegas casino in 1994, an 8–spot ticket worth $2 surpassed the value of $200,000. Players of keno can expect to hit the perfect 8 of 8 averages once every 230,000 trials. However, any casino’s 8-spot ticket receives paybacks equal to 5-of-8 spots or higher, which means that only 2% of all tickets would collect jackpots.

Australian Mega-Casino Projects Move Forward

The landscape of the Australian casino industry probably will start to look a lot different come this time next year after two mega-casino projects were given the green light earlier this week.

But to the dismay of many Aussies, the government bypassed a group that included golf legend and local hero Greg Norman, when it awarded contracts to a pair of Asian-back consortiums to build two casinos on opposite ends of the coast of Queensland.

Construction could begin sometime early next year after Hong Kong billionaire Tony Fung and ASF, a group of Australian Stock Market and Chinese companies, were awarded contracts to proceed with the mega-casino projects.

mega casino in Australia

Fung’s has committed more than $8 billion toward what he is calling a man-made wonder of the world just north of Yorkey’s Knob.

ASF’s Broadwater Marine project will cost a cool $7.5 billion, according to proposals recently studied by the government.

The next step for Fung and ASF will be to receive approval from required environmental and planning entities. Once that has been accomplished, dirt will be moved, foundations will be set and one of the largest developmental projects in Queensland history will be underway.

Environmentalists are expected to make known their opposition to Fung’s Aquis oceanfront resort because of its closeness to the Great Barrier Reef. ASF is further behind as an environmental impact statement has yet to be filed. In addition to a mega-casino, the ASF project will include a terminal for cruise ships and a waterfront eco-park.

Fung’s and ASF’s selections were based partially on the promise to attract new international and interstate tourists. The Aquis development is expected to take up to 10 years to be completed. During that time, conservative estimates peg job creation at about 13,000.

The ASF project is likely to mean 1,300 people will be hired during the construction phase and another 10,000 operational jobs. Broadwater officials are certain that their project will be the envy of the world.

The Norman-backed bid failed to rise to government standards and was not taken seriously, according to a government spokesman. The lack of a nearby airport also contributed to Norman’s bid being rejected.