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It’s Not a Casino, It’s a Lifestyle

The Bellagio is an absolute classic. It’s grand, it’s opulent, it’s sumptuous and it lends itself to the high life. The Bellagio has become a brand that has built itself up to be the most coveted casino Las Vegas has yet to see. It has been the star in 9 movies and its name is whispered with lust on everyone’s lips that passes it by.

While its beauty in my opinion is unsurpassed, there are countless more modern casinos and hotels that have sprung up which on the surface seem like they could take the lead in opulent design. However, when anyone looks upon the Bellagio they don’t see a casino. They see a lifestyle.

Keno Takes Center Stage


The Pennsylvania Lottery is enlarging its budget by an additional $20 million as it expands its Keno offerings. The move comes based on one key assumption by the lottery officials. According to their sources, they have the authority to engage this game without specific legislative approval. However, they still wish to include state legislature in the process. Including this government body is part of a wider plan to roll out an educational campaign that informs people on the specifics and benefits of including Keno in their gaming portfolio.

The Good Money Can Do

Keno is a terminal-based game that is extremely popular in a variety of settings throughout the state that includes bars, restaurants, and other unconventional social settings. The increased revenue will be reinvested in providing the services that players have grown to expect from the state gaming organization. Once the contract goes into effect, officials expect that Keno could be in place within six months. When the game is fully operational across the entire state, projections for profit reflect $40 million on the low end and as much as $180 million on an annual basis.

The move also comes with the assumption that lawmakers would continue to offer the current relief for financial return requirements. At the time the lottery was first initiated in Pennsylvania, 30 percent of the revenue from sales was required to be placed into designated programs for senior citizens. By 2008, that percentage was reduced to 27 percent. It is the hope of the commission that they can be given a 24 or 25 percent margin for returns, and ideal range for new operations.

Focusing on the Numbers


In the world of gaming, Keno is a relatively new competitor, at least in its modern form. Variations of the game date far back into history, accounting for its consistent popularity amount players. As it has changed with the times and assimilated new technologies that have changed how and where players can get in on the action, some people are raising eyebrows when it comes to the real differences between this gaming system and other competing games such as the modern slot machine. Both slot machines and Keno games are choosing winners based on random number generators and associated algorithms in the modern age. This fact has had a considerable impact on many aspects of the game, including the potential winnings.

Where Games Take a Turn

The programming for both of these games allows developers and owners to program payout tables that will determine how often slot machines payout and what numbers will be winners in Keno. The vast majority of game owners will take advantage of this system by keeping these numbers low in terms of overall winners. This fact is where we find the distinction between these two games that are functioning based on very similar programming. With slot machines, the number of winners is typically unknown to players given the fact that they move from machine to machine in order to increase their odds of winning. However, Keno players generally understand and keep tabs on payout tables over time, making this game considerably less popular with casino and gaming managers due to the fact that there is oversight of this nature.

Who Is Really Winning

Keno usually has odds that are in favor of players, in fact. In general, these gaming machines have potentially bigger payouts although the winners are fewer and further in between. In defense of Keno owners and managers, they have been able to lower the potential payouts without seeing any kind of reduction in the amount of time that people spend playing, making the move totally legitimate from a business standpoint. However, the problems arise when games are paying winning players below 70 percent and, in some cases, lower amounts than the legal minimum of the states in which they are played.

Spreading the Wealth Across Nations

A sure-fire way to lead any industry is to partner with those companies who are already ahead of the game. ActiveWin is blackjack1taking this approach in the United Kingdom, partnering with the largest independent bookmaker currently in operation. Together, ActiveWin and BetFred are planning to launch an affiliate program that will go under the name Mobibet. This new-comer to the game has big plans in store and will be operating out of Manchester.

Players From Every Corner

The partnership also has a strong, backing partner in the technological department. Based out of Montreal, Income Access will support this brand with reporting and proprietary tracking software that is cutting-edge. This partnership is not the first to strengthen the position that ActiveWin maintains. They have previously lent a hand to Totepool in order to increase their total net gains. Mobibet will focus its efforts in an international scope. They plan to begin their marketing in nations that are members of the Commonwealth of Independent States. The nations that are being targeted include Russia, Holland, Turkey, Spain, Italy, Germany, and Ireland. Helpful Hint: If you are looking for online gambling in South Africa, go to

More Than Sports Betting Alone

Mobibet will be offering an extensive range of mobile and live sports betting services. Additionally, they will be offering much better odds to players than your average booking service. Both online and mobile platforms will be presenting odds that are running at roughly 102 percent across the board. It is not just sports betting that will draw in players to this new entity. Slots and progressive jackpots will also play a considerable part in the action, offering 50,000 in winnings on a daily basis.

Streamlined For Players

The partnership is also confident in their success thanks purely to the gaming experience that they have developed. The App that mobile users will be using downloads in under thirty seconds to top things off. The registration process is the fastest yet offered by these organizations, making the process of joining the fun one that is nearly instantaneous. This level of efficiency also extends to payouts. All processing times for user accounts takes place in a single 24-hour period.