How to Play Keno in a Stress-Free Mode

Keno is a fun and entertaining game of chance usually played in casinos, or even in public places like hotels and restaurants. It allows the player to bet on a single or multiple numbers every round, or play the same number or numbers on multiple rounds. Whether it’s online or offline Keno, the directions are mostly the same for both.

Have you heard about Keno? Do you want to try and play the game, but don’t have any idea how? Here are simple instructions on how to play keno that will surely help you get your way through the game:

  1. You will be given a card with numbers 1 to 80. Choose your number from these numbers, with a maximum of ten numbers marking them with a Keno crayon. Online casinos offer up to fifteen or twenty numbers. These are your ‘spot’ numbers.
  2. Give these numbers to the attendant, who will verify them, and then place your bets or wager for the numbers you chose. The attendant will then give you a duplicate ticket. In online casino, you have to pay in advance or deposit a certain amount of money to be able to play keno.
  3. Twenty numbers will be drawn at random from a barrel ranging from 1 to 80, presenting the numbers in the card. If your numbers are chosen, then you win! The amount of money you win depends on the house rules of the casino, and the quantity of numbers you chose.
  4. The money won must be collected at the booth where you submitted your bet. Winnings are claimed at the end of each game, or they become invalid. In case of online casino, your winnings are deposited directly in your account, and you can decide if you want to continue playing, or withdraw your cash.

Since keno is a game of chance, there is really no definite technique or strategy to win. But, if you are observant of the game, then you can create logical patterns and learn from them to increase your chances of winning. Always bear in mind that playing Keno should be fun and entertaining, rather than be a puzzle to solve.

There you go. With the basic knowledge of how to play keno, you’re sure to find your way to the top of the game. Play on, and enjoy!