Keno Winning Tricks: Helpful Practices to Keep You Winning

Have you been playing a keno game for a while, but couldn’t get the right strategy to win the game? This situation can be so frustrating for you especially when you have invested a lot of your money and time in the game.

Keno Winning Tricks: Helpful Practices to Keep You Winning

Keno is a casino gambling game that involves selecting numbers between 1 to 80. The numbers are drawn randomly using a machine that chooses numbered balls one at a time. The more numbers you choose, the worse your odds become, but the money you stand to win become exponentially higher.

Formulating a strategy for a game that is completely random may seem pointless, but there are a few strategies that keno players believe in, that are regularly practiced during a game. Here are some of the most practiced keno winning tricks:

Keno Winning Tricks: Helpful Practices to Keep You Winning

Hot Numbers

These are the ones that appear over and over again every round. While there is no better chance for one number to be drawn over another, this method is a common practice. You need to observe the game for several rounds to determine what the hot numbers are. Betting on hot numbers, also known as “chasing the pack” method; actually goes against logic since hypothetically, all the numbers will come up the same number of times eventually, yet many players claim this is how they win in the game.

Playing Strays

Playing strays is the opposite of betting hot numbers as these are numbers that are not drawn on every round, but will eventually appear somewhere during the game. Bet on the stray numbers in hopes that they must be drawn eventually to even out the odds. This method is actually in a logical way because all numbers have equal odds of being drawn. Example, if you watch four games and the number 5 never came up during those games but the number 25 came up in all four games, logic and odds would suggest that 5 will come up again before 25 will. Still, there are no guarantees about this, or else everyone would be winning.

Stick With It

Sticking with your lucky number(s) is still the most practiced technique that players use in a keno. Choose how many numbers you want to play and which ones you want to bet on. Eventually your numbers will be drawn, so stick with your favorite numbers and wait it out.


Keno looks like a simple game to play, and it is, but winning the game is a tough one.

Luck has everything to do with winning a keno game. You may play one time and win massively on the first draw, or you may play your numbers on a multi-game ticket over 100 games and win nothing.

Keno game can be played by anybody as one doesn’t have to follow any rules. Just remember to choose your numbers carefully, and have faith that you will win. Let your luck do the work for you.