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An Inside Connection

Belgium Starbet is one of the largest land-based operations in its region. It holds more licenses than any of the competition Texas-Holdem-pokerand has recently made a move that will extend its influence even further into the Belgium gaming market. They have just partnered with SBTech, a provider of turnkey solutions for wagering and sports betting. Their contributions to the gaming market have advanced the industry and allowed them to be the recipient of many awards. Together, this partnership has plans to create a completely new, online betting platform that will be completely live. This new platform for gaming will give players access to as many as 10,000 live events on a monthly basis.

New Contenders

The system is set to run live HTML 5, allowing for a revolutionary betting product that is fully capable of going mobile. SBTech has maintained a reputation for taking unique approaches when it comes to online, mobile, and live technology. Their platforms have been proven to substantially increase the performance of land-based organizations who they have partnered with in the past. StarBet has also noted SBTech’s extensive experience in the Belgium gaming marketplace, one that is strictly regulated. The partnership should provide both parties with the customer base and resources to meet all the needs of customers in addition to staying ahead of the game in this highly-competitive market.

Unparalleled Access

SBTech is specifically benefiting from the partnership by gaining further access and penetration into the Belgium market. This demographic has been notoriously difficult to gain access to thanks to the tight oversight that regulatory committees maintain. StarBet is essentially an inside connection for this leader in the sports-betting platform. StarBet is confident in the fact that expanding their land-based operations is the next logical step for their organization. This partnership provides the perfect opportunity to make this move in an aggressive way.

Expertise at Work

In operation since 2007, SBTech has been a leading force in sports betting that provides a completely interactive gaming experience. They have extensive experience extending their technological services into both regulated and traditional markets. Their most popular suites of applications can be managed entirely online, raising the standards for technology of this kind on the current market.

Spreading the Wealth Across Nations

A sure-fire way to lead any industry is to partner with those companies who are already ahead of the game. ActiveWin is blackjack1taking this approach in the United Kingdom, partnering with the largest independent bookmaker currently in operation. Together, ActiveWin and BetFred are planning to launch an affiliate program that will go under the name Mobibet. This new-comer to the game has big plans in store and will be operating out of Manchester.

Players From Every Corner

The partnership also has a strong, backing partner in the technological department. Based out of Montreal, Income Access will support this brand with reporting and proprietary tracking software that is cutting-edge. This partnership is not the first to strengthen the position that ActiveWin maintains. They have previously lent a hand to Totepool in order to increase their total net gains. Mobibet will focus its efforts in an international scope. They plan to begin their marketing in nations that are members of the Commonwealth of Independent States. The nations that are being targeted include Russia, Holland, Turkey, Spain, Italy, Germany, and Ireland. Helpful Hint: If you are looking for online gambling in South Africa, go to https://www.casinoza.com.

More Than Sports Betting Alone

Mobibet will be offering an extensive range of mobile and live sports betting services. Additionally, they will be offering much better odds to players than your average booking service. Both online and mobile platforms will be presenting odds that are running at roughly 102 percent across the board. It is not just sports betting that will draw in players to this new entity. Slots and progressive jackpots will also play a considerable part in the action, offering 50,000 in winnings on a daily basis.

Streamlined For Players

The partnership is also confident in their success thanks purely to the gaming experience that they have developed. The App that mobile users will be using downloads in under thirty seconds to top things off. The registration process is the fastest yet offered by these organizations, making the process of joining the fun one that is nearly instantaneous. This level of efficiency also extends to payouts. All processing times for user accounts takes place in a single 24-hour period.